• Lexee Shapiro

All About Street Teams

A great way to get involved in the music industry as a college student is by joining a street team. A street team is a type of grassroots marketing, where a group of fans help an artist, (often through a management company or record label), grow a fanbase. Street team members are very rarely paid for their work; rather, the compensation is hands-on experience with music industry marketing.

Fans drive the music industry. We are the ones who stream songs and go to concerts. A committed street team is often able to connect an artist’s fans to one another, create unique marketing campaigns, and ultimately, promote the artist’s latest release. Currently, I am a member of the Jonas Group Entertainment Street Team, a talent management company founded by the father of the Jonas Brothers, Kevin Jonas Sr. As a member of the street team, I am able to help promote music from our artist roster by creating playlists and engaging with the company’s social media accounts, (among other things). I have also been able to connect with other street team members to discuss industry experiences and learn from one another.

Perhaps what I love most about being a member of a street team is the authenticity of the campaigns. Since fans drive the marketing campaigns of a street team, we create unique and authentic concepts to ensure that an artist gains new engagement with new releases. When you know that the people working on a marketing campaign truly love the project they are working on, you can feel the authenticity and the excitement of the projects. Street teams are a great way to gain hands-on music marketing experience while working with a group of people who love the same music that you do. I would highly recommend working on a street team as I have met many amazing people and had an amazing time promoting music that I love.

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