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DJ Khaled & Drake’s POPSTAR Redefines Its Meaning

DJ Khaled and Drake come together for not one, but two midsummer tracks. DJ Khaled hasn’t released any music since his May 2019 album, Father of Asahd which featured tracks like: No Brainer, featuring Justin Bieber, Chance the Rapper and Quavo; Top Off with Jay-Z and Beyonce; and Higher featuring John Legend and the late Nipsey Hustle. Debuting at #2 on the US Billboard 200 being beat out by Tyler the Creator’s IGOR, the news wasn’t taken lightly by the producer. Khaled was frustrated by Billboard’s calculation methods and how they clashed with his record label’s promotional strategies; Billboard ultimately disqualifying Khaled’s energy drink bundle sales, bundles being a topic we seem to hear about more often than not these days. Although the project ended up being certified Gold within its first month, many felt the album was lacking and didn’t resonate with them, which could’ve been catapulted into popular opinion because of the chart battle. For Drake, this is his first “new music” release since his Dark Lane Demo Tapes released in May of this year, which features tracks: Tootsie Slide, Chicago Freestyle with Giveon and Pain 1993 featuring Playboi Carti. The album debuted at #2 giving him his 10th top 10 album on the Billboard 200. For both artists, this collaboration marks a new page in their catalogs.

POPSTAR begins with Khaled’s signature stamp of approval and a ghost-like instrumental moving right into a heavy bass with hard-hitting 808s. Drake goes straight into the hook explaining how he feels like he always has people constantly on his back, whether it’s his personal relationships with women or more public relationships with cops pulling him over trying to give him a possible drug charge. “Cops pullin’ up like I’m giving drugs out nah, nah I’m a popstar, not a doctor.” Name dropping multiple artists including: Ariana Grande, Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber, Whitney Houston, and even name dropping one of the most popular managers in the industry, Scooter Braun; Drake “I’m a popstar, but this shit ain’t bubblegum.” POPSTAR is essentially about Drake’s view of being a “popstar” based on his own lifestyle and experiences. He’s also using himself as an example of how the modern day popstar may not always look or act how it has been portrayed in the past; comparing his level of success to some of the most popular artists in the genre saying, “Shit don’t even usually get this big without a Bieber face.”

POPSTAR does not sound like anything out of the ordinary for Drake, and it could even be argued that it sounds like something that could’ve been on Dark Lane Demo Tapes. Whether that’s a positive or negative thing for fans, Drake is doing what he does best, providing listeners with braggadocious lyrics, a catchy hook and a beat people can dance to, courtesy of Khaled. The song is already #2 on the US ITunes charts and will probably reach number #1 in the upcoming days. Khaled and Drake also released a secondary track titled GREECE, and the producer has announced that these are the first 2 singles on his upcoming 12th studio album, Khaled Khaled.

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