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Inspiring Women In A&R

Last night, I attended an incredible Women in A&R webinar hosted by Amethyst Collaborative. The evening consisted of a panel of seven female A&Rs (Trophy of Cinematic Music Group, Margaux Grober of Artista/Sony Music, Marguerite Jones of RCA Records, Karla Karim of APG/Atlantic Records, Kate Loesch of Capitol Records, Caterina Nasr of Elektra Music Group, and Brooke Story of Universal Music Publishing), and was moderated by Olivia Shalhoup, the founder of Amethyst Collaborative. Each panelist shared her story of trials and tribulations that ultimately led to achieving success in her current position.

A key concept that was agreed upon by all the panelists was that A&R has been viewed as such a male-dominated, cut-throat part of the industry, but should not be that way. This was very refreshing to hear, as this is, unfortunately, something that is not often covered on music media platforms. To hear experienced A&Rs share how collaboration has helped them improve in their careers was quite remarkable and inspired me to reach out to more of my peers to discuss opinions and experiences in the industry.

Unfortunately, there are not a lot of articles and resources for female A&Rs, but this group of panelists really seemed determined to change that. After the webinar, a document was created for participants to connect with one another and share their experiences. It has been really incredible to connect with other young women in the industry who share similar passions and dreams. I am always looking to speak to new people and share experiences. In less than a day, I have already had amazing conversations with several other attendees.

My deepest gratitude to Olivia Shalhoup for organizing this incredible webinar.

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