• Imani Santos

Juice Wrld & Halsey’s Life’s a Mess is a Modern Love Story

With his highly anticipated third studio album and first posthumous release, Legends Never Die showcases everything Juice Wrld does best. With his untimely death in December of last year due to an accidental overdose, Legends Never Die picks up where Juice Wrld left off on Death Race for Love. From mellow instrumentals with a hard hitting trap beat to honest lyrics about his internal struggles, the album title stays true to its name solidifying Juice Wrld’s signature sound in the music world. Released on July 10th, the album scored over 73 million streams within its first day on Spotify, becoming the biggest debut of 2020.

Life’s a Mess leaves a lasting impact even on first listen, not only because of the orchestral vibe the song gives off due to the use of strings, but with the subject matter being something anyone can relate to. Juice Wrld is honest about how life can get lonely and the overwhelming feeling of giving up on love after being hurt so many times in the past but ultimately, choosing not to. “Don't throw in the towel, I know it feels like you're the only one trying. You just gotta learn to live and love on.” Wrld also discusses how he feels life is not only a complete mess sometimes, but somewhat of a beautiful one, especially when you find someone you can share it with. Wrld and Halsey describe a love story that begins with two broken people leaning on each other to make sense of and brighten up life for each other. “Thank God I finally found you, you put the light in my eyes when I’m around you.”

The song emphasizes on the fact that Juice Wrld has always been open about wanting true love and because he always seems to be the one hurting in the end, he uses substances to fill that void. The song also has an ominous yet hopeful vibe capturing just how Wrld can make listeners feel so many different emotions all at once. The lyric “Feel all the good and bad vibrations all around” emphasizes how Wrld feels life comes with the good and the bad. Halsey fits the song perfectly not only musically, but lyrically she is no stranger to revealing mishaps in her personal relationships and how she hopes to find someone who will take her for all she is. Halsey's light vocals blend perfectly with Wrld’s lower tone and transitions beautifully into Halsey’s verse, ending the song on a high note. This collab seems like a long time coming with both artists being known for being honest with their emotions, especially when it comes to love, showing that Juice Wrld and Halsey have more in common than meets the eye.

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