• Imani Santos

Live Concert to be Held to Test Covid-19 Spread

With covid-19 cancelling all live events and large social gatherings this year across the world, the music industry had to completely rethink how it goes about things, with live entertainment being one the biggest challenges. Since the beginning of the outbreak, no major concerts or sports events were allowed to take place as long as there was a risk of contagion. With Covid-19 cases beginning to decrease in most areas of the world, many people are eager to resume life as it had been previously. Germany scientists may be a little bit too eager with the new project they're calling “Restart19”. These scientists are inviting 4,000 people to a test concert with German pop star Tim Bendzko to conduct a study to see what would happen if mass gatherings were to start taking place again.

The participants must be between the ages of 18-50 and must have tested negative for the C

ovid-19 virus 48 hours before entering the venue. Attendees must also wear masks at all times during the concert. Concert-goers will also have to disinfect their hands with fluorescent hand sanitizer to determine through ultraviolet light what surfaces have been frequently touched and will be given a “contact tracer” which will monitor each person’s time, distance and frequency of contact with another volunteer. Scientists from the University Medical Center Halle say that the experiment will be implemented through 3 different phases; one being having the concert as it would normally go on but with everyone wearing face masks, another will just examine the movement of attendees in a controlled environment and the final stimulation will examine 2,000 volunteers in concert rows while social distancing. This project is incredibly risky and could most definitely backfire for the worse if the outcome German scientists are hoping for doesn’t happen. But on the other hand, if this experiment does find that it may be safe to open up concert venues and return to having large social gatherings sooner than later, this could be the future of live music for the time being. Although protection against the virus is not guaranteed, those brave enough to volunteer, are still willing to take the risk.

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