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Review: King Zausage

King Zausage’s music is just about as unique as his name. It is quite difficult to name the genre of his music, but the best way to describe it is experimental electronic music. Hinting elements of rock & roll while also exploring soundscapes, King Zausage is an artist that will definitely provide for some tasty brain food. A Hong Kong native who now lives in the United Kingdom, Michael began his career as a music festival curator.  He has done everything from artist interviews to set curations, and is currently a PhD student researching rock music and theology. Sounds like some interesting research, right? You can hear Michael discuss his findings from the dozens of shows he’s gone to in our podcast episode with him! If that doesn’t describe a well-rounded person, I am not sure what does.

King Zausage’s music encourages listeners to derive their own meanings as there are no lyrics to dissect. He wants to be different and he succeeds! In our interview with him, King Zausage said that he is not a big pop music fan; rather, he draws influence from international alternative artists. He uses music production to experiment and explore more about himself and he’s unafraid to take risks. He is a self-taught music producer who learned from YouTube videos. We’re sure many of our readers can relate to this!

If you are looking for a new artist who sounds unlike anyone else out there, check out King Zausage. You will not regret it. 

Check out our podcast with King Zausage here:

*Special thank you to Derek Moss for the collaboration on this review.

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