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Spotify Group Session Now Available No Matter Your Location

Launched in May of this year, Spotify introduced a new feature to its software called “Group Session” that allowed for two or more of its Premium users in the same space to share control over the music being played. The group feature allows users to control a live playlist in real time with members in their homes; suitable for families who are quarantining together while maintaining the social distance. Invited listeners can choose to listen on their own device or listen on your device and control it from their device.

With the initial outbreak of Covid-19, there had been a dip in overall streams for specifically Pop and Hip-Hop genres, while acoustic and folk genres remained pretty steady. With more people staying at home, the more people are trying to keep themselves busy and entertained. The group session feature had already been in testing since May of last year meaning some users had been able to try the feature before now. Even though the feature was originally supposed to be aimed at college party-goers and roommates, Spotify wanted to take advantage of the current circumstances by tying the realities of quarantine to streaming music. Last week, Spotify announced that its group party mode would now be available to users who are located in different parts of the world. This new update allows for users to share playlists or podcasts even if they're not in the same place.

To use Spotify’s Group Session:

  1. Open Spotify and play something.

  2. Tap at the bottom of the screen.

  3. Under Start a group Session tap START SESSION.

  4. Tap INVITE FRIENDS. Here you can:

  • Share with any social or messaging app listed

  • Choose Copy Link to send your own way

  • Show them a Spotify code which they can scan to join

The host and guests will be able to play, pause, add songs and delete songs in real time. This feature is still only available for Premium Spotify members and is still in public beta, meaning it is continuously being updated and developed.

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