• Imani Santos

TikTok is the Goldmine for Music Marketing

With only 4 years to its name, TikTok has now become one of the major players in social media entertainment and a great tool for companies, specifically the promotion of artists in the music industry to get their music heard. Compared to its predecessor, where the main focus of the app was to lip sync to users’ favorite songs, TikTok’s possibilities are generally endless with wide-ranging content from educational videos, to comedy and of course, dancing.

As far as music goes, the app has an internal playlist of music where users can find song clips and add them to their libraries to accompany their videos. Each user has a “For You” page where content is personalized towards the user’s location, interests and posts they’ve been liking on the app. The mostly pre-teen to young adult demographic may have older audiences shy away from the app, but the music industry, specifically the future of it, has always been driven by the younger demographic.

So how can marketing on TikTok be effective? TikTok utilizes the users to make content popular. Many fans will create dance challenges to the songs of their favorite artists, while influencers popularize it and spread them using a hashtag on social media. You can use influencers to target a specific audience to start promoting your music without it seeming like an ad. A lot of popular TikTok content also ends up on other apps like Instagram and Twitter as well, widening its reach even more. Take songs like Savage by Megan Thee Stallion or Say So by Doja Cat; dance challenges made to these songs definitely contributed to both going to #1 on Billboard’s Hot 100. Even if you don’t know who the artists are prior to watching the dance videos, you’ll remember the song, dance and add it to your library to maybe try it on your own. Even with songs that aren’t accompanied by a dance become popular for example, BEAT KING’s Then Leave is more of a meme that many users interpret differently and make their own renditions of it.

You can also create your own content; if you run a company or business, your videos can be educational and can give viewers advice on real world scenarios related to the music industry or how your specific company is run. If you’re a producer or songwriter, you can take the viewers behind the scenes to watch what the process is like. TikTok also has ads throughout the app which usually links to a person’s TikTok account, website, or even their Spotify account. To get the content you post to be seen, you can use hashtags you feel are related to your video for it to show up under those tags.

TikTok is rapidly becoming a useful tool not only to major artists but also smaller artists as well. Promotion by teenagers on TikTok can be the difference between a song that’s bubbling under the radar, and a song reaching the billboard charts.

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