• Lexee Shapiro

Virtual Concerts

If you’re a live music fanatic like me, you really miss concerts. Nothing comes close to the energy you feel at a live show; there is something in the air that makes it feel like magic. COVID-19 has forced us to make many changes to our lives for the sake of our own safety. So, if we can’t be together at a live show, let’s be together at a virtual one.

This week, I attended my first virtual live concert with Usher. It was a taping for the annual iHeart Radio Music Festival through the comfort of my own home using Microsoft Teams. Usher made it quite interactive, speaking to us fans often via a large video wall showing all of us live. He performed some classic hits and gave us a sneak peak into new music. While it was not as exciting as being there in person, it was absolutely the best it could have been. The crowd was active and excited, and Usher was incredible.

While I can’t say much about the show since it has not aired yet, I can say I am extremely excited to see how it all comes together. I will certainly be attending more virtual shows throughout the pandemic, until we can all be together again in person.

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