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Women in Artist Management Webinar

On Wednesday evening, I attended an amazing webinar on women in artist management hosted by Amethyst Collaborative and moderated by its founder, Olivia Shalhoup. Since I have experience in artist management and want to be a successful artist manager in the future, I knew I had to attend this panel. The panelists were Jocelyn Rivera of Press Play Agency LLC, Melody Mansubi of M3 Management, Joy Young of Wondaland Management, Olivia Rudensky of Maverick Management, Peyton Marek of Rm 64, and Malita Rice of Mogul Mentality LLC. Often times in the media, we hear about prominent male artist managers, so it was really special and informative to hear from a group of successful female artist managers.

One of the main lessons of the evening was about believing in your intuition. The panelists discussed how they overcame self doubt in the beginning of their careers and persevered in rooms that were dominated by men. Additionally, the managers discussed how it can be difficult in the beginning of working with an artist since there is not a lot of money and a lot of people may doubt you and your artist, but they emphasized how believing wholeheartedly in your artist and always being there for them will pay off in time.

One of my favorite parts of the evening was hearing from Olivia Rudensky. She is originally from Long Island, (like myself), and she used to run a very popular fan update account for Miley Cyrus, which led Miley to hire her to assist with her social media management when Rudensky was only 16. As a fan girl myself of Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato, I really love how Rudensky used her passion for her favorite artist to help her gain experience in the industry. To go from running a fan account to being personally hired by Miley Cyrus and her management team at Maverick is absolutely incredible.

Perhaps the most important perk of attending these webinars is networking. At each webinar I go to, someone always creates a Google Doc for us to provide our contact information and connect with one another. I have had some great conversations simply by messaging people from the contact list. In an industry that is largely based on networking, I feel very fortunate to be able to attend these panels and have meaningful conversations with other young women in the industry about their experiences.

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