• Lexee Shapiro

Women in Music Marketing Webinar

Throughout the pandemic, we have resorted to social media and virtual communication to remain in contact with friends, family, and peers. We have craved new content, as physical production has been extremely limited due to the virus. Some songwriters, however, have been able to create more music while being at home instead of touring; therefore, music marketing is still alive and well.

Last night, I attended a webinar featuring several important females in music marketing: Jamila Wright of Atlantic Records, Sarah Hau of Capitol Records, Tori McCue of Columbia Records, Geneva Gamblin of Elektra Music Group, Naydeen Rodriguez of Roc Nation, and Elizabeth Fanfera of Universal Music Group, moderated by the founder of Amethyst Collab, Olivia Shalhoup. We discussed how to make the most of the current demand for content given the limited circumstances. The panelists suggested that women stay in tune with their emotions and use it to our advantage; artists trust marketing teams with their projects, often showcasing their vulnerability, and it is a marketer’s job to make sure that the special, personal message is preserved.

We also discussed how to help an artist with their social media profiles. The panelists reminded audience members that the content on an artist’s social media page needs to be representative of an artist’s life, not just their projects. Fans want to connect with their favorite musicians and get a glimpse into their daily lives, so it is important to showcase things that may seem ordinary. Remember that the best way to promote someone or something is to do so in an authentic manner: nobody is perfect, so make sure you showcase that when creating content for your project.

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