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YouTube Campaigns

WorldWide and Targeted Projects


Up to 7 day delivery

Worldwide audience: 1K-3.5K view target

Targeted audience: Up to 1K+ view target

Campaign Overview

  • One custom-targeted AdWords campaign




Up to 10 day delivery

Worldwide audience: 4K-8K+ view target

Targeted audience: 2K-4K+ view target

Campaign Overview

  • One custom-targeted AdWords campaign




Up to 18 day delivery

Worldwide audience: 9K-15K+ view target

Targeted audience: 4K-6K+ view target

Campaign Overview

  • Two custom-targeted AdWords campaign

  • Video content strategy call




Up to 21 day delivery

Worldwide audience: 20K-35K+ view target

Targeted audience: 8K-10K+ view target

Campaign Overview

  • Two or more large-scale, custom-targeted AdWords campaigns

  • Video content strategy call




Up to 25 day delivery

Worldwide audience: 40K-60K+ view target

Targeted audience: 15K-25K+ view target

Campaign Overview

  • Two or more large-scale, custom-targeted AdWords campaigns

  • Video content strategy call and marketing strategy call




Up to 1 month delivery

Worldwide audience: 70K-90K+ view target

Targeted audience: 35K-40K+ view target

Campaign Overview

  • Three or more large-scale, custom-targeted AdWords campaigns

  • Feature on music YouTube channel with 150K subscribers

  • Video content strategy and marketing strategy call



Contact us to do a custom project or a project beyond 100K views. Our team will work with you closely on marketing, designing, content creation, advertising, and scaling. We can also work to connect you with recording studios and consult on virtual performances and merchandise sales. 



Our campaigns are 100% organic and done through our optimized ads that have helped thousands of artists like you.


We also use our network of vetted partners to help artists advance to the next level through targeted shoutouts, features, and content creation. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are these views organic? 

Yes, our first priority is helping you grow your audience, and you can't do that with fake views. All of our views are generated through Google's ad platform (Adwords) and organic marketing. You will be able to see your results in real-time on our portal and receive a report at the end of the campaign to use for your own marketing. 

When will I see results? 

You should expect to hear from us within 24-48 hours of ordering a campaign. You will then be given access to your portal page and should start seeing results come in. The length of the campaigns depends on the size of the campaign and lasts from one week to one month. Some people reach their goal well before the guaranteed time - that means your video has more potential for more views! For under-performing videos, we will continue running ads until you get the minimum stated results for the campaign. 

What if I have multiple videos or need special targeting? 

Not a problem. You can order the same campaign for multiple videos, or contact us to see if we can do a bulk package. If you are looking for something custom or want to promote across platforms, contact us and we will be happy to help. 

What happens if my campaign is not approved?

After you have purchased a campaign, we will run ads and promote your video. In a rare selection of cases, the video is not approved by Google. In this case, we will refund 100% of your campaign spend, or transfer it to a different campaign. Your video must not be private for us to promote it. 

How does this help my music career? 

YouTube provides a lot of potential for upcoming artists, as they are able to interact with their fans through video and build a more solid brand and image. Fans from your YouTube channel will explore your other social media and your content, eventually building up an audience. YouTube is also an excellent tool for promoting a single, album, or merch sale. 



If you'd like to talk about a custom project, album release, or get on a call to get some guidance on a new release, let us know! We're always happy to help!

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